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Metal Free Crowns (Zirconia Crowns)

Traditionally porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crowns & bridges are made. Now in modern dentistry metal free crowns & bridges are made with all-ceramics.

Indications :

Benifits :

  • High Translucency

  • High Strength

  • Thanks to a unique shading system, it enables to create highly esthetic restorations. Eighteen natural, warm and vivid tooth colors, 7 effect shades and a fluorescent effect shade are available for unlimited individualization

  • Years of clinical experience and millions of successful cases worldwides

  • Limited 15 years limited warranty*

  • The patented shading system enables highly esthetic all-zirconia or traditionally layered restorations.

  • Excellent color match to the VITA® Classical Shade Guide and VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER® Shades

  • NOTE : Zirconium or Zirconia crowns do not corrode and the normal black gum line that you might see around a porcelain fused metal crown, will not occur, because of the strong ceramic material which is used. Also the hot and cold sensations you might feel with other crowns normally do not occur because of the lack of electrical conductivity.